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Mathews Inc – One Bow

MMG was honored again to team up with Mathews marketing to launch their 2014 bow. It all leads up to this One Moment with the Creed XS. By combining 3D bow renders with traditional 2D graphic animation, MMG was able to effectively highlight the new bow’s features in a visually effective way. The footage was…

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Mathews Inc – Rethink Your Possibilities

The new Creed bow from Mathews boasts smoothness and accuracy that has to be experienced. But how do you show smooth and accurate in a TV Commercial? Slow Motion. And no ordinary slow motion would do. This one needed rain soaked slow motion with flying droplets! MMG found a mountain top and cued the fog…

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Mathews Inc – Introducing The Creed

This year Mathews wanted to introduce the new Creed bow by hearing from the team that helped research, design, and develop it. After multiple creative meetings, MMG filmed the team, then shot the supporting video to pull off this top notch video.

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Mathews - Z7 Tactical

Mathews Inc – Z7 Tactical

This web video was created specifically for the Mathews Inc website. Their direction… make it gritty.  We have to admit that we enjoyed doing just that.  All filming and editing was handled by MMG.

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Mathews Z7 Xtreme – ProStaff

This years Product DVD and two commercials were filmed in Montana’s extreme conditions.  This was a perfect place to highlighting the 2011 Z7 Xtreme’s extreme features.  After combing through hours of breath taking footage and hunters testimonials, we cut these two high energy commercials. Z7 Xtreme – Levi [flv:mmg-MAT-Z7Xtreme-Levi.flv 588 330] Z7 Xtreme – ProStaff…

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Mathews - When You Need To Be Lost

Mathews Inc – When You Need To Be Lost

Mathews not only makes great bows but they have awesome Camo – Lost Camo. After flushing out the idea with Mathews, we spent a day in the woods filming, then handed the footage to our editors. Mahoney Media Group then cut together this “Where’s Waldo” styled commercial to a great piece of music.  

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Mathews – Z7-It All Comes Together

Mathews’ Z7 bow is their most popular bow to date.  Because of that, they wanted to create a new commercial to highlight the why behind it’s success.  Director Tim Mahoney worked with the client to come up with the concept “It all comes together”.  The effects filled commercial was then filmed with the Canon D7…

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Mathews Inc – 2010 Commercials

For two decades we have helped Mathews Inc. tell the story of innovation.  Every year Mathews leads the bow industry with amazing breakthroughs in technology and quality.  This year they have done it again, and again we are privileged to assist in crafting the messages for their TV and DVD campaigns. Z7 New Creation: [flv:mmg-MAT-Z7.flv…

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