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Stratos Boats – Your Fish

Stratos Boats was looking to “edge” up their brand and their agency turned to us for a little editing help. Howard Tripp and Revo Brand Group brought a drive full of footage over to our sought after editor Chad Greene. Chad then cut together this web video highlighting the new Stratos boat with a new…

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Ardisam – ION Ice Augers

ION is an amazing new battery powered ice auger. Scales Advertising called and said “in this commercial we must see ION in action.” However, ice was melting early and fast in Minnesota. To make this commercial a reality we quickly chased down the last of the “safe” ice. Within a few hours of finding a…

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Stratos Boats - Everyday Workday

Stratos Boats – Everyday Workday

Stratos Boats loved the “edgy” look created for their first video “Your Fish” and came back again to make this tv commercial “Everyday Workday”. Howard Tripp of Revo Brand Group again spent time in our edit suites with editor Chad Greene to create this intense spot with attitude.  

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Berkley - Jay Yelas Info

Berkley – Jay Yelas Infomercial

MMG chased Jay Yelas around Texas and Florida filming him on the water catching fish (something we weren’t complaining about). And to sweeten the pot, we were privileged to work with the “Infomercial Genius” who was responsible for successes such as the George Forman grills and several others. [flv:mmg-TrippBerkley-JayYelasInfo.flv 588 442]

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Abu Garcia - Eon

Abu Garcia – Eon

Eon is one of our old favorites.  To make it come alive, we purchased a crop field from a local farmer.  Then with one chance to get it right, we carefully built the crop circle, and drove a truck through it – effectively destroying it.  It took a good sized crew and a crane to get…

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Abu Garcia - Serious Fishing

Abu Garcia – Serious Fishing

The black & white photography and great close ups make this spot so appealing. John Burch, the Director, has great skill in lighting. It’s amazing what you can convey with music and images only!   [flv:mmg-AbuGarcia-SeriousFishing.flv 588 442]

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Berkley - Whos Sorry Now

Berkley – Who’s Sorry Now

“Who’s Sorry Now” is one of our favorite oldies.  In it’s day, it had huge popularity and longevity.  It was shot in Florida with Tim Mahoney as director. [flv:mmg-Berkley-WhosSorryNow.flv 588 442]

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